Nova Tissue Ltd

Nova Tissue Limited came to us with the need to improve its Google Ad campaigns.


nova tissue google ads before screenshot
  • £8 Ad Spend Per Sale
  • No Conversion Tracking Value Set Up


nova tissue google ads after screenshot
  • £4.75 Ad Spend Per Sale
  • Accurate Conversion Value Tracking
  • £7120 in sales

The Problem

Nova Tissue told us they had used other ad agencies and weren’t pleased with the results. After a few minutes of poking around on their account, we weren’t surprised.

The agency they had used hadn’t even bothered to set up conversion tracking, which is like driving a car without wheels.

Their campaigns had no sales value, which means their campaigns could never be improved with a bidding strategy. Google needs to know how much a conversion is worth, so it can try and reach your targets.

The Solution

After setting up conversions, we were able to build sales data and optimise the campaigns. After our work, we pretty much halved the cost per sale.

Just under a month of working on the account, the Return on Ad Spend went from 200% up to 700%. To this day, we still work with Nova Tissue and that percentage is still increasing.


nova tissue 5-star review for get searched
Reduced Cost Per Sale
Accurate Conversion Values
Improved ROAS from 200% to 700%

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